Harvey Meshel

 HSM Consulting, Inc.




Executive Vice-President

Dave Lewis

Broward Sheriff's Office




2nd Vice-President

Scott Bresalier

Nassau County Police (Retired)




Randi Meshel 

HSM Consulting, Inc.



Jacci Seskin

Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office (Retired)




Sergeant at Arms

Paul Weiss

Broward Sheriff's Office (Retired)


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The South Florida Shomrim Society was formed in 1984 to satisfy the needs of the Jewish Law Enforcement Officers, and support personnel, in Miami-Dade County.  With only a handful of members, the originators slowly made progress in recruiting new members.  The dream of an expanded membership was realized in the early 1990's when there were over 100 members.  The Founding Members along with Irving "Red" Heller, Chairman of the Board of Directors, forged ahead with establishing the legitimacy of the Society.  They worked tirelessly with a few dedicated members and limited technology to get the word out and keep the organization directed toward helping Jewish causes.  Under this leadership, the first Dinner Dance was held, scholarships handed out, and many Jewish charities were supported, with donations and physical labor.  

Late in 1999, the leadership of the Society was passed to Steve Leibowitz.  Building upon the foundation that had been laid and using technology not available in the Society’s beginning the membership grew. Today, the membership numbers almost 300. Many members living in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier counties, and a couple in Lee County.  There are also members who live in Israel, Canada, New York, Philadelphia, Massachusetts Ohio, Illinois and California. 

The Society regularly supports more than 30 charities each year.  With the expanded membership, fund raising projects, and corporate sponsorships the funds raised by the Shomrim Society have dramatically increased, and with it so have the amounts given away each year.  The South Florida Shomrim Society Scholarship Award was up to seven awards in 2008, from one just seven years ago. 

The Annual Dinner Dance and Awards ceremony is held each year in November, at the beginning of the Veteran’s Day Weekend.  For many years this event went unscheduled, now it is the Society’s flagship event attended by over 300 guests and supporters, this year celebrating the Silver Anniversary of the South Florida Shomrim Society. The free Kosher Picnic (fondly referred to as "Machin A Piknik") is held each Spring and it too brings together 300 plus members, family and friends and Supporters.

The revitalization and evolution of the Society is continuous.  In the words of the organization’s Spiritual Leader, Rabbi Pinchas A. Weberman, “This is truly an organization of inclusion rather than exclusion”.  

The South Florida Shomrim Society was born from the need to have a place for Jewish Law Enforcement Officers to turn.  The seeds were planted and it now represents the dreams of those that forged it, setting the standards that future Fraternal Jewish Organizations will strive to match.